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Read these inspiring stories of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing
as a result of attending OHI:

Joe K. from Ventura, CA, USA

APRIL 21, 2012

California Real Estate Broker Joe Kapp never considered himself a body-mind-spirit guy.  “I was raised Catholic, and full of guilt,” he laughs.  “My wife was much more into the spiritual stuff.  She would go fishing with me, and I’d go to Meditation Mountain with her and do peace dances.  I just didn’t tell my fishing buddies what I was doing.” 

Joe and his wife of two and a half years, both in their 60s, were content and loving life until that fateful call from his doctor.  “I went from having slightly elevated PSA numbers to being diagnosed with prostate cancer.  My medical team told me I had time to wait before having to do anything, but I wanted to do something.” 

His yoga instructor told him about a DVD that talked about fighting cancer from the inside out, and Joe was intrigued.  He applied to the Gerson Clinic in San Diego, which cost $5,500 per week with a three-week minimum, when a friend of his wife’s mentioned the Optimum Health Institute (OHI).  He decided to try it the week of September 11, 2011. 

“I just went for a week,” Joe joked, “and I drank the Kool-aid!”  

It was a tough transition, Joe recalls.  “It wasn’t even the meat I missed as much as the sugar,” he said. “I had intense cravings for cake, candy, bread and pasta.” Despite the cravings, Joe stuck with the plan. “It really helped that the facilitators encouraged you, but never put pressure on you to do what they said. Other then when they’d tell us, ‘By the way, that’s all you get to eat.’” 

Initially he was worried about the religious aspect of OHI.  “I didn’t want to get hammered every day, and was relieved we didn’t.  Instead we met some really great people.” Joe also found a CD in the OHI Store about curing cancer, and still listens to it several times a day. 

When he and his wife returned to their home in Ventura California, they both stuck with the OHI healthy lifestyle program pretty faithfully. 

“Even though I was only there a week,” Joe said, “when I would call with questions, OHI was always there for me.  I’d say I felt weak, and they’d suggest I up my protein by eating some cooked beans. By 60 days into the program, I just had a feeling the cancer was gone.” 

Medical tests proved Joe’s intuition correct – no cancer cells showed up on the last biopsy.  “My medical doctors are saying it’s impossible, and there must be something wrong,” Joe said.  “But I just feel it’s…gone.” 

Joe and his wife continue to follow the basic OHI guidelines. 

“I’m not eating meat at all, and I’m about 70% raw,” he said.  They’re getting fresh organic produce at a local farmer’s market, and dehydrating, making delicious crackers.  Even though they purchased a juicer, they’re still a little intimidated by the machine, Joe said.  He’s confident they’ll be using it soon.  Even when he travels, Joe sticks pretty closely to the OHI plan, taking salads with him on planes and buying organic produce when he reaches his destination. 

“On my fishing trips I will have fresh fish for dinner,” he confesses, “but it’s fruit for breakfast, and a salad for lunch.” 

Joe’s voice grows wistful. “I had a friend who got the same diagnosis I did, at the same time.  He had his prostate removed last year, and he’s been incontinent ever since. I feel like a million bucks,” he confides, “and I wish I could convince other people, but they just don’t listen when I tell them about OHI.”  

Realistically, though, Joe admits he probably wouldn’t have come to OHI himself if he’d known all the details.  “I was ready to go to a spa, watch (San Diego) Padres games and just lounge by the pool.  If I would have known that I’d be having salad for breakfast, or that I’d be ready to wrestle Genghis Khan for a red bell pepper after a 3-day juice fast…” He laughs. 

“I guess I’m glad I didn’t really know anything about it.  But now, after getting through the detox and the emotional challenges of making drastic changes, I’m so happy with where I’m at.  I actually crave salads now, my doctor says I’m a miracle, and I’m walking a mile and a half each way almost daily to my local juice joint for shots of wheatgrass.  My wife frequently goes with me.  I’m down 35 pounds, and she’s bragging about being back at her high school weight.” 

If there was a downside, Joe said, it was having to rethink his social life.  

“My old friends had trouble with me because I stopped drinking and eating the heavy stuff I used to.  But what started happening, almost automatically, was my wife and I began finding new friends who totally supported our new lifestyle choices. And when you get the dramatic results I have, you just want to stand on the fence and crow about it.” 


Abe R. from San Diego, CA, USA

SEP 15, 2011

Guest Sheds Weight; Gains New Life 
While OHI marks its 35th anniversary, a guest celebrates a special milestone himself – the first anniversary of his transformational visit to OHI.  Here is Abe’s story:

My wife, Elaine, had been going to OHI for years.  She always asked if I would join her and I always said no, you go and have a good time. After every visit she would return home invigorated, energized and focused on the things she learned during her stay, and talking about the new friendships she made.

For most of my life I would lose weight but put it all back on, and more. I was starting to have physical problems and required arthroscopic surgery on my knee.  I couldn’t do much physically because of my weight, I was always exhausted and I was starting to feel depressed.  I didn’t want to travel, go out of the house or socialize with friends. 

In September of 2010 it was time for Elaine’s annual visit to OHI and she asked me again to join her.  This time, I knew I needed and wanted change.  I decided I would only go for one week.  On Sunday September 19th we arrived and checked into our room. My life would forever change on that day. 

We went to the dining hall for dinner that evening and in the corner of the room I saw a scale.  It had been a while since I weighed myself. I weighed 350 pounds, the most ever.  I reminded myself that this is why I came here -- I needed to change my lifestyle and lose weight. 

The following day I decided to do the daily exercise program. The bending, stretching and walking was a great way to start the day.  After breakfast I was off to my classes. The group leaders and instructors were knowledgeable and inspiring.  I learned so much from each class and along with the group interaction and participation, it was always interesting.  I made several friends that week, each and every one with their own special needs and reasons for attending OHI. 

 By the following Sunday, I had lost 18 pounds!  One major change I noticed during that week was my headaches were gone.  For over 20 years of my adult life I had suffered from headaches every day.

I told Elaine I wasn’t ready to leave OHI yet; I wanted to stay.  We booked the next week, and I lost a total of 25 pounds.  I had a second week of being headache free, I was energized, I felt great, and I even purchased the OHI exercise CD.   

Since leaving OHI I have continued eating/living a raw “organic” lifestyle.  I exercise daily, go on walks with Elaine and on Sundays I go on 50-mile long bike rides with my riding buddy.  To date I’ve lost 130 pounds, I feel healthy and strong and I have so much more energy.  I don’t have food cravings anymore, I don’t overeat and I feel satisfied. Still no headaches!   I’ve also noticed that the weight I have lost has come off of my body more evenly.  For the first time my body feels toned and firm.     

OHI has so much to offer in teaching a healthy lifestyle.  The classes are educational and motivating.  The people you meet and the friendships you make are indispensable. Support and guidance are offered with love, caring and concern.  The opportunities to be open and explore one’s self, to share heartfelt thoughts and feelings came easily during many of the classes and events. 

As I approach my first year anniversary I think often about the progress I’ve made and look back at the time I spent at OHI.  There’s no going back to that other way of life.  I was given a gift of knowledge and understanding that will support me through the rest of my life.  Each day I look forward to living this new lifestyle of health and well being.  

J. B. from Asheville, NC, USA

OCT 28, 2010
My entire stay at San Diego was transformational, especially on a spiritual level. In a regular church, you share an hour with people and then you shake hands. At OHI, you share your life with people and then you link hearts.

Stephanie O. from Scottsdale, AZ, USA

OCT 27, 2010
OHI is a glorious place of manifestation.

L. R. from San Diego, CA, USA

OCT 27, 2010
My memorable stay in Austin still burns strongly in my mind and heart. Your staff walks the talk and is committed to providing the best experience possible for each guest.

A. R. from Allentown, PA, USA

OCT 25, 2010
I just completed my first week at OHI, and literally everything in my life is better. I no longer crave sugar, all my clothes are loose, and I have the energy I did back in high school.

Marie G. from San Francisco, CA, USA

OCT 23, 2010
Our taxi driver from the San Diego Airport knew immediately how to drive to OHI, and he said that we would have a fantastic trip. He was right!

Dan G. from San Francisco, CA, USA

OCT 23, 2010
My overall experience at OHI was wonderful, and the simple but tasteful accommodations were great.

Billy H. from Austin, TX, USA

OCT 15, 2010
I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from OHI for my 2nd and 3rd week of residency because the facility sensed I really needed it. I remain grateful today.

Tina P. from San Francisco, CA, USA

OCT 12, 2010
Having a massage helped speed the detoxification process, and it felt wonderful!

J. P. from Point Loma, CA, USA

OCT 12, 2010
I was able to put so many things in my life into perspective after a week at OHI. I’m a working mom with 2 small kids, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The facilitators helped me learn to live well, not just making healthy choices.

Dennis M. from New York, NY, USA

OCT 12, 2010
For me, OHI has been a time for good health, a time for learning, and a time with friends.

Betsy S. from Hawaii, HI, USA

OCT 12, 2010
This place is Heaven on Earth!

David B. from Kentucky, KY, USA

OCT 10, 2010
My stay at OHI was an immersion in a new life. The instructors became my friends. Everyone is caring. The fast changes brought about by a raw diet were impressive. I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks and gained flexibility. I want to come back!

R. M. from Miami, FL, USA

OCT 08, 2010
This just felt comfortable to me from the beginning. I’ve been able to bring so much of the program home with me, and even my teenager has switched from soda to fresh juice.

K. G. from Pasadena, CA, USA

OCT 05, 2010
I’ve been going to OHI for years, and I look forward to every time. Besides getting healthy, I have regained control of my life.

Pam B. from Chicago, IL, USA

OCT 01, 2010
What I realized during a meditation in the Mental Detox class was that I am important and I need to take care of me. I need to get my diabetes in check. If I can take care of me, then the whole world around me can be happy too.

Connie Z. from Modesto, CA, USA

OCT 01, 2010

In October 2010, I started noticing what appeared to be blood and tissue being off in the urinary tract. My mother strongly requested I have this checked out. I became exhausted with the tests and procedures. By spring of 2010, my PCP referred me to UCSF and I was assigned a team of doctors and head oncologist. They talked to me about a complete hysterectomy to remove the many nodules or tumors throughout the pelvic area.

My father and grandfather were both small town holistic chiropractic doctors from the Midwest. This gave me faith in the healing power of the body. The incredible program at OHI has reinforced my belief in their holistic practice.

At this time, my own financial circumstances have required me to rely on the assistance of many caring friends. OHI compassionately provided a scholarship for my second week’s stay.

When I return home after my stay at OHI, I have goals to apply in my everyday life with the certainty that I’m in a very positive process of detoxifying and building my immune system. I feel very optimistic that the oncologist at USCF will be in awe. Words can’t express the incredible experience I have had here. There is so much more to be experienced on this incredible path at the Optimum Health Institute.


Gabriela C. from Guadalajara, MX

SEP 30, 2010
The alpha classes gave me the tools to build a meditation practice. After surgery, alpha meditation kept me sane and grounded in addition to helping me manage pain effectively.

Barb C. from Rockwall, TX, USA

SEP 30, 2010
The Austin OHI missionary program has given me not only “The chance OF a lifetime, but the chance FOR a lifetime!

Joyce X. from Maryland, MD, USA

SEP 21, 2010
My recent experience at OHI exceeded all expectations. The staff is highly skilled, friendly, and helpful. The OHI Austin team is the best! The classes are designed to assist you in implementing wellness strategies that fit your lifestyle and unique needs. I look forward to returning.

Carol C. from Oakland, CA, USA

SEP 21, 2010
I came to OHI to bring balance into my life after a major trauma. The environment is so serene. The staff is wonderful. The live food diet is pure and cleansing. I feel healthier and calmer. Thank you OHI. I will be back!

K. R. from Amarillo, TX, USA

SEP 20, 2010
The GRASS is always greener at OHI!

Gary M. from Las Vegas, NV, USA

SEP 18, 2010
A place I come to learn how to eat proper foods may sound elementary, but it has been a powerful experience.

Yvonne E. from Windsor, GB

SEP 17, 2010
My OHI experience helped me realize that a career connecting the mind, body, spirit was more in alignment with my own personal purpose. Consequently, I returned to school and am now an acupuncturist. OHI made me aware that only through a commitment to nutrition, is it possible to balance the body and increase health.

John F. from Orangeval, CA, USA

SEP 17, 2010

On April 26 2010, I became an OHI missionary. At the time I weighed 268 lbs., had back problems, arthritis, bronchitis, unstable blood pressure (sometimes normal, sometimes not) and liver problem that I thought I healed over 11 years earlier, but came back to revisit me. I became a missionary because I believed it could help restore me to the person I used to be and the person I know I should and could be.

OHI is not just a program about raw veggies and wheatgrass. That is just the start. Once you cleanse your body, the mind, heart and soul will follow right behind. When I left OHI on July 26, 2010, I weighed 208 lbs. I was healthy, calm and grateful. I also had no wrinkles or excess skin from the 60 lb. weight loss. The wheatgrass and wonderful food just seem to make me shrink.

During my 3 month stay at OHI, I did 12 to 18 oz. of wheatgrass a day and I practiced the breathing technique they teach religiously. I did this because I visualized that if I could rid myself of the toxins I had, my weight, health problems and any negative thinking would disappear with the toxins, and they did.

The staff and missionaries at OHI were kind and considerate. Their love and support is a vital element of the program. In conclusion, I would like to say that OHI does not cure anyone of anything it never has and never will. What its program does is show you the path back to health and happiness. It guided me back and I will always be grateful. I intend to use this knowledge to be the person God always wanted me to be.


Debbie N. from Utah, UT, USA

SEP 16, 2010
OHI Austin. It’s my oasis in a toxic and stressful world, where I go to completely unwind and recalibrate physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Charlie P. from Dallas, TX, USA

SEP 14, 2010
A dear friend blazed my trail to OHI. She wrote me of nearly "miraculous" recoveries she had witnessed during her stay. I was particularly interested in her accounts of the successes of the guests dealing with the challenges of Type 2 Diabetes. My father had recently died from complications of Diabetes, and I was becoming more concerned about my own symptoms.

The week before I went to OHI, my blood sugar reading averaged 264. By the end of the first week, my reading was down to 182. The best part was I was able to maintain this level through the next month by eating an 80% raw diet at home.

A month later, at the end of the second week of the program, I was averaging 128 blood sugar readings. And I was becoming more adjusted to the raw diet, even starting to actually enjoy raw vegetables and juices.

The end of the third week a month later proved successful. My blood sugar level was down to a normal reading of 95! The staff is incomparable with their dedicated professionalism, knowledge and total compassion for their clients.

T. A. from San Diego, CA, USA

SEP 07, 2010
It was hip and joint problems that convinced me to go to OHI, but it turned out to be so very much more. I lost 10 pounds, feel wonderful, and told all my friends. Now there’s a whole group of us who go together on a regular basis.

P. T. from Grand Rapids, MI, USA

SEP 05, 2010
There is such joy in everything at OHI. Whether we’re exercising together, or learning how to cleanse the colon, or juicing wheat grass, you can always here people laughing. It’s like we can just leave everything negative at the gate and have fun while we’re doing good things for ourselves.

Linda P. from Lake Forest, CA, USA

SEP 03, 2010
OHI has been a life changing experience and I have learned and managed to reduce stress and unload emotional baggage.

Helen W.F. from Beverly Hills, CA, USA

AUG 31, 2010
OHI is a wondrous place that brings health and harmony to your mind, body and spirit. The ingestion of a well-prepared, fresh, organic, vegan diet helps enhance the detoxification process. The myriad of classes taught by outstanding instructors, are enlightening and can be life-changing. I’ve come to OHI annually, since 2000, for rejuvenation and inspiration. In a chaotic world, this safe haven helps you uncover your authentic self and spiritual path, in addition to meeting fascinating guests from across the globe. I am looking forward to my 13th visit with anticipation.

Stephanie O. from Scottsdale, AZ, USA

AUG 27, 2010

I’ve lost 50 lbs. during my time as a missionary at OHI, simply by following the program, dong the exercise about 5 days a week, skin brushing and exfoliating to help move my lymph and juice fasting once a week, wheatgrass 3 weeks on, one week off.

My goals for coming to OHI as a missionary was to heal mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, work on relationships and to make a major life transition. I feel that OHI is the best place to be for support, love and to manifest my dreams.

Everything is happening for my greatest and highest good and I look fantastic to boot! OHI is a glorious place of manifestation, love and support! I highly recommend the program and lifestyle to everyone. It is a sustainable way of life!


Ron W. from Kauai, HI, USA

AUG 05, 2010

My experience with OHI has been positive and pleasant from the first phone contact to the last hug and goodbye as I left for the airport in Austin to return to Hawaii. Originally, I contacted OHI with the idea of focusing on a specific health issue.

While there, I was given the information and means to take control of what goes into my body, from the foods I eat to the topical lotions I use (after shaves, shampoo, etc.)  While detoxing, there were classes conducted on a daily basis focusing on mind, body and spirit. We learned about the consequences of the foods we eat and the thoughts that we think.

I look at my experience at OHI as a turning point in my life. I'm 60 years young, caffeine free, and look forward to applying everything I’ve learned for many years to come. The environment was one of love, caring and kindness. I will always feel a sense of connection with everyone at the Optimum Health Institute.


Pam C. from Chicago, IL, USA

JULY 27, 2010

After two rounds of chemotherapy to inhibit the progression of Lupus, doctors informed me that my chances of ever conceiving a child were slim to none. In 2006, at the age of 38, the Lupus began to flare again and doctors recommended yet another round of chemotherapy. Determined to find a better option, I went to OHI Austin for three weeks with the hope of a complete recovery.  

During the Toning Class, a voice spoke to me, "You will make a wonderful mother."   Then I saw a vision of myself and my husband walking along a beach holding the hand of a little boy. In the vision I was pregnant. When I returned home, test results indicated chemotherapy was no longer needed and 10 months later I delivered a healthy baby boy. When he was 2, I returned to OHI, hoping to prepare my body to conceive my 2nd child. Three months ago we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family. The Lupus has been in remission for the past 3 years!

"Thank you" to the talented staff at OHI for their wisdom and encouragement. I learned techniques to free my body of toxins and head off past heartaches. I also experienced God and spiritual growth on a deeper level. Both of my visits to OHI have left me with greater vitality, joy and contentment. I will certainly be back again.


Cynthia P. from Kihei, HI, USA

JULY 27, 2010

I have been coming to OHI for the past 34 years. I was inspired to come here after reading Eadi May’s – “How I Conquered Cancer Naturally”. I just thought anything that powerfully amazing was worth looking into. That thing was the wheatgrass therapy. I believed that if it could put her cancer into remission, along with the raw foods diet, that it had to be great for someone like me who did not have cancer.

My first time here at OHI was in 1976, the institute was a bit different, but basically the very same program. I got all the instruction on the cleansing using wheatgrass and raw foods and sprouts, as well as all the benefits in my being here and doing the program.

For me, by coming here yearly for two weeks, it has cleared two health opportunities I had; those being chronic constipation and allergies. I’ve been healthier, and I have developed a sound foundation for eating 70% raw and really loving it!  For me, OHI is my health insurance to a longer, stronger and more vibrant life!


Debra W. from Austin, TX, USA

JULY 22, 2010

At OHI, I discovered how much control we have over our own healing. The OHI program shows us how to change our blood chemistry from Acid to Alkaline, because an alkaline body is a healthy body. After only a few days on the OHI program of a raw vegan diet, wheatgrass juicing and cleansing, you can feel your body growing more vibrant and alive because you’re changing your body chemistry.

A few weeks after I completed the OHI program, I received a battery of medical tests including an EKG and a complete blood work profile. My doctor said my test results revealed what he would expect to see in a healthy 18-year-old, and I am well over 40.

After attending the OHI program, I had a fraxel laser procedure to improve my complexion. The doctor had explained that I could expect a two month recovery period. However, only two days after the procedure, my doctor said that I had already recovered three times faster than other patients. A few months later, I returned to OHI for one week to recuperate from oral surgery. Two weeks later, I returned to the oral surgeon who was astonished how quickly I was healing.

Now I am a big believer in the OHI program of green juices, alkaline foods, mental and physical detoxing which prepares our bodies so that we can heal faster. I love staying super healthy and enjoying super vitality the OHI way.


Carolyn B. from Bastrop, TX, USA

JULY 22, 2010

Eighteen months ago, I came to OHI Austin a frazzled guest. My career in Dallas was not feeding my soul; my life appeared as a downward spiral. In 14 short days, I moved from feeling overwhelmed and without purpose to feeling happier, lighter and connected to God. I realized I want to be of service to others. In a complete leap of faith, I quit my job and applied to become a Missionary. I realize I created complexity and challenge in my old life and serenity and peace in my new life as an OHI Austin Missionary.

Three months of service became five and I embraced each joyful day. Continuing to live in faith, I am now renting a cozy cottage near OHI Austin, assisting facilitators and guests while eagerly waiting to see what path is revealed next.

I have completely changed my life and live in trust, which is an outstanding accomplishment for me. My days are filled with aliveness as I enjoy my association and commitment to OHI Austin and guests. Through my associations, I have developed a happy, healthy mind, body and spirit. The new transformation of joy and excitement now awaits me every day.


Alicia W. from Dallas, TX, USA

JULY 22, 2010

Four weeks after having a major surgery, I came to OHI Austin to help strengthen my immune system. By the end of my first week, I realized that I had received much more. Not only did I feel stronger physically, but I also gained clarity about other areas that were of great concern. It’s amazing what detoxing will do for your body, but also your mind and spirit as well.

At OHI, I’ve learned indeed there is a mind, body, spirit connection. The atmosphere at OHI is conducive for healing holistically – for healing the whole person. The classes are educational and of great value, especially to someone faced with a “health opportunity.” The grounds are serene and beautifully landscaped. The rooms are simple yet extremely clean and neat.

The staff at OHI Austin is amazing! The entire staff exudes a spirit of warmth, kindness and positivity. I have made two more visits to OHI since my first. Each time I feel so blessed to have benefited from the OHI program. Simply put, the tools I’ve been given from OHI are necessary for my well being. Thank you, OHI for making my experience a positive one, and you will see me again, and again, and again.


Betty W. from Holly Lake Ranch, TX, USA

JULY 15, 2010

Two years ago, a good friend told me about the merits of the Optimum Health Institute in Austin, TX. My thinking at the time was “it sounds really nice, but I cannot take the time or spend precious dollars earmarked for daily living expenses”.

Then last October 2009, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a wake-up call and was certainly the impetus I needed to research options. Well-meaning and varied advice came from many individuals in-and-out of the medical community. So my husband and I started investigating options. Following several meetings with oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and plastic surgeons who recommended chemotherapy, surgery and radiation with a 50/50 chance of survival, I chose the alternative path of naturopathy. It was not an easy decision, and I also knew it had to be mine and mine alone.

The Optimum Health Institute stresses the relationship between Mind, Body, and Spirit. Because of that philosophy, I decided to totally immerse myself in assessing the quality of my life while becoming knowledgeable in the various alternative avenues for healing.

When I arrived in Austin, I was surprised to see the array of men and women who had very diverse reasons for being there: a woman fighting depression, a stroke victim who had lost all short term memory, a gentleman who had intestinal problems, a few who came yearly just for a tune up, some who came to lose weight, and one (if you can imagine) came to gain weight. The week was filled with all-raw food meals, daily exercise, prayer and meditation, and educational classes where I learned how to think, how to question, and how to become disciplined in the care of my body. My priorities had indeed changed.

When it came time to leave this wonderful cocoon, I was confronted with having to incorporate the lessons taught and my new-found habits into my at-home living. It was not as tedious as I had expected. To this day I still read passages from “God Spoke to Me” (and send a daily reading out to an interested group of folks). I juice wheat grass daily, my diet is mostly raw, and I continue to expand my research about the devastation and cures of cancer. Admittedly, I cannot speak to the ravages of chemotherapy and radiation; however, I do suspect that these protocols will, in fact, be a must for some.

I am feeling great and have not regretted the path I chose. The ongoing blessings of Optimum Health Institute remain with me. My experience was enlightening, rewarding, inspiring and most importantly useful. For this I am very grateful!


Gabriela B. from San Antonio, TX, USA

JULY 12, 2010

My friend, Linda, and I ran into each other shortly after my last surgery for breast cancer. When she learned that the only thing my doctors could do for me was a year of chemotherapy, radiation for 5 weeks afterwards, and hormonal treatment for 5 years she felt compelled to do something about it. Linda brought me to an open house so that I could learn more about the OHI program and ask any questions I might have.

I've been fighting cancer for the last nine years and I am only 45. I've had breast cancer three times, the last time it was even after a double mastectomy, and skin cancer once in the form of melanoma. The last cancer recurrence was of the invasive type and it had spread to my lymph nodes. Shortly after surgery, I met with a team of doctors to discuss the pathology results and treatment and when I learned what chemo and radiation really are, I decided to take charge of my life and take control of my health.

Coming to OHI has changed my life. After spending three weeks here, I have learned more than I had hoped for. The main purpose for coming was to learn about changes I could make in my lifestyle to strengthen my immune system and be able to fight this cancer. Never did I think that I would be strengthening my spirit and my mind as well. Being here has strengthened my body, my mind as well as giving me such a spiritual experience. I feel more connected to God and in touch with my inner self. I feel stronger and uplifted, more at peace and excited about this new chapter in my life. The experience has been invaluable.

Going home after 3 weeks is bitter sweet but I feel encouraged and empowered to venture out on my own and continue in this healing journey. The serenity and tranquility of this place is second to none, and I will take OHI and each and every one of you with me as I continue down my path.

I've seen the wonders this program has done in the lives of many people. I am living proof that it works. If a few days can make a difference in such a difficult and painful rectal condition, I can't imagine what continuing to practice a holistic balance of spirit, mind, and body can do for my health and my life as well as those around me.

Thank you OHI for putting your heart in what you do and blessing us in such a big way with your knowledge and personal experiences. Thanks for being so caring and nurturing. It has been a blessing and an honor to know you all and be part of the OHI program and OHI family. Thanks to all the wonderful guests for sharing and becoming a gift and an inspiration. Thanks to all the staff for being so accommodating and for making my stay unforgettable. With heartfelt thanks and appreciation, I will keep you in my heart forever.


Michelle R. from Makawao, HI, USA

JULY 05, 2010

Being a missionary has been a wonderful opportunity for healing and deepening the OHI experience. All the benefits I received as a guest, such as vastly improved energy and mood, dramatic weight loss, and getting off of medications because my body didn’t need them anymore. All these miracles of health and healing just keep on getting better the longer I’m here!

Before I came to OHI, I had been struggling with lifelong debilitating health issues such as chronic fatigue, morbid obesity and clinical severe depression. These conditions had finally left me spending most of my life in one room, shutting out the world, feeling hopeless, barely able to function.

My cousin had told me about OHI, and said she’d cured herself of cancer by coming here. So I followed her advice and came too!  After my first visit to OHI, the positive changes in my body, mind and spirit were so encouraging that I decided to apply to be a missionary. In the six weeks, I’ve been here so far, every day I feel so inspired and uplifted by the “walking miracles” all around me, people who have followed the program and transformed their lives for the better.

We missionaries are so lucky to have the opportunity to be at OHI for an extended stay, doing our work/trade in the spirit of service. In sharing our experiences with the guests, we support them in their own journey toward – what else – optimum health.

There is a tremendous uplifting, positive feeling that is generated when over a hundred people come together to focus on health, healing and love. That feeling, that positive inspiration that says you can do it! You can be joyously healthy, you can live your dreams” is the voice of hope, of miracles and it is always available here at OHI.


Tascha S. from Los Angeles, CA, USA

JULY 03, 2010

I submit this testimonial with gratitude and gladness and welcome the opportunity to share my personal experience with any and all that are in need of hearing this.

My friend, Kayla returned from several visits to OHI flowing and re-energized. At the time, it didn’t seem “feasible” for me to attend OHI except to lose weight. There was no major medical issue to be dealt with at that time.

In 2008, all that I took for granted changed radically when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I agreed to have surgery but refused the radiation and chemo. It was a choice that I felt would be right for me, much to the alarm of my friends and family. I had no one else in my world to support my decision, but it seemed to make sense to me to do everything possible to build my immune system rather than knock it down.

With the tragic death of my 20 year old grandson in 2009, the cancer reoccurred, although it hadn’t seemed to be metastasized. The mind/body connection was in full operation – the grief, shock, loss, horrific emotional pain, manifested once again in my breast. Oncologists and doctors urged me to pursue the traditional course of treatment once again (to no avail).

Being a stubborn Aries, I stuck to my intuitive sense of adhering to my inner guidance. As I write this, two tumors that had appeared on my skin (rib-cage) have flattened. The breast that was causing some restless nights of concern because of painful itching, no longer manifests those symptoms. Lymph nodes have retracted; I have phenomenal energy and have lost 15 lbs. in the two weeks I have been here at OHI.

The program -- with its variety of subjects, classes, and instructors -- lives up to the rave reviews I had heard from previous guests. My daughter gifted this experience to me out of her concern and deep love. It is and will continue to be the turning point in my total recovery. Not only do I know that it has prolonged my life, but that the quality will continue to deepen on a daily basis. I’ve been given a truly holistic approach and know how to take care of myself on every level. This is the best adventure of my life. The friends I connected with here at OHI will be part of many celebrations to share. I actually met others who sought to find a way back to health through ways that honor the intelligence and love of God.

This is a program I wholly embrace. The raw food, the days of juicing, exercise, deep breathing, wheatgrass, camaraderie, yoga, even talent night all contributed to my excitement about implementing this upon my return home. I plan to return to OHI to continue this remarkable journey and to embrace those dear friends who provided support and caring as we have all agreed to keep sharing and rejoice many, many, more times.


Karena P. from Dallas, TX, USA

JULY 01, 2010

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer in March of 2005 at the age of 31. After 9 chemotherapy treatments, a complete hysterectomy and ovorectomy, and debulking surgery and 4 of 12 recommended maintenance chemo rounds, I was declared to have no visible sign of cancer, but no doctor would say I was in remission or cancer-free.

During the chemo and in the months following, I felt horrible. I tried to cover up the pain and side effects with positive thinking and lots of pills. I was on heavy pain medication, valium, anti-depressants, and neuropathy medicine to treat the numbness and pain caused to my nerve endings by the chemotherapy. Many days I felt like I had been turned into an old, old lady with severe bone pain and very low stamina and that I would always feel that way for the rest of the time I was alive. I tried all kinds of things to feel better -exercise, physical therapy, water therapy, and chiropractic. Many nights I cried myself to sleep thinking if this was as good as I would ever feel then I didn't want it to go on much longer.

I began to feel better in the spring of 2007 and then BAM – the cancer was back. The CA125 number they measured in my blood started rising. At diagnosis, it was in the 60’s and went to the 80’s where the normal for a person without cancer is between 0-35. Each month, we watched the number jump up without being able to stop it. By October, the discussions began of when I would start more chemo, and I cried at each appointment thinking I would be willing to do anything else in this world besides get more chemo. I looked into clinical trials.

After Thanksgiving, I was tested again and my CA125 was at an all time high of 122. I called my financial advisor to cash out some money, and he put his assistant, Andrea, on the phone who told me all about the Optimum Health Institute in Austin. I knew I had to do it.

I called and made the arrangements immediately for a one-week stay. Two weeks before Christmas, I showed up at OHI, and I dove head first into a whole new world of healing that I had not even comprehended before arriving. I spent that week learning so many things about my body and how it naturally eliminated toxins and healed itself when given the proper nutrition. I drank wheatgrass and learned how to heal my colon. I knew I was doing good things for my body but I really had no idea how much. I really wanted to come back soon for the 2nd and 3rd week so I filled out an application for a scholarship to help pay for one of the weeks.

I went back to the doctor a week later for another blood test. My doctor and I were both stunned to see my CA125 had dropped 30 points. During the first 4 months, I had received chemo my CA125 score had continued to rise and it never dropped that quickly in one month and this had been only 2 weeks. Wow!

I celebrated Christmas and New Year’s and made plans to return to OHI in the middle of January. I went back for one more blood test just before going in January and was astonished again to find out my CA125 had dropped another 30 points!  So, in one month from just ONE week at OHI my number had dropped by half. I was ecstatic.

I returned and found out I would receive the scholarship and felt very appreciative and blessed. I also felt an incredible peace that everything was coming together as it was supposed to and I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It was something I had never before felt in my life – as if God had taken me by the hand and was now leading me where He wanted me to go.

I continued improving my health and got off of all prescription medicines. While I was at OHI, I applied to serve as a missionary, so that I could continue the mind, body, spirit program for 3 months while giving back to OHI. I was accepted and again felt this incredible peace and joy and feeling of knowing I was on the exact path I should be.

At only two months into my stay as a missionary my CA125 went down to 35 ……back in the normal range!  And my liver enzymes that had been out of range consistently since all of the chemotherapy and pain pills were now in the normal range of 0 - 40. The ALT (one liver enzyme) was usually above 75 and was 16 and the AST (another enzyme) was usually above 200 and was 17. The doctor said I was running this ship now, and I could call the shots and decide when to come in and if I wanted scans or not.

I now come back to OHI whenever I can to hit the restart button to healing, learn new things, and see old friends. I am so excited to be in this world and to have been shown a place that can teach people how to heal their entire body. It has changed my life completely and I am now confident that I have the tools to keep my body at a truly high level of health. I am so grateful to God and to all of the people at OHI for being a part of my wonderful journey.


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Internal / abstinence

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  • Submission: Be honest, open, and accountable to God and others
  • Confession: Acknowledge your offenses and find freedom in forgiveness

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